About Sarkastik

Sarkastik Ambassador is a Trinidad-born multi-disciplinary artist. 

A musician, award-wining creative director, experience designer and visual artist,  he is well known in the local landscape for not ceding control over his creative process, and serves as essentially his own multimedia producer. 

His career in music was catapulted by the success of his first single “Coloured Girls” which garnered the backing of an array of music connoisseurs and was featured on Wale’s EveryBlueMoon Artist, DJ Luna’s playlist on Apple Music.

Since his recording debut in 2015 Sarkastik has evolved from Hip Hop and R&B to carving out his own niche in the music world as he effortlessly infuses Indie, Dream Pop, New Calypso and experimental beats into an unexpected original soundscape. 

A graduate of Miami Dade College, much of his contemporary aesthetic has been inspired by his time spent immersed in Miami’s vibrant multicultural music scene, collaborating with and drawing influences from thought-provoking artists, designers and producers while pursuing his degree in Graphic and Commercial Arts.

An emotive performer, Sarkastik’s singular style and expression are wholly soft and eclectic, and his power lies in his ability to make listeners feel.

Moving past surface-level entertainment, he prefers the supreme challenge of making music that expresses and explores the deeper aspects of the existential nature of life.

His last seven years spent discovering his unique sound while performing, songwriting, and recording, have culminated in his upcoming seven-track debut EP “Channels”.

This EP is in collaboration with notable producer, Track7 amongst other young producers and producer supergroup, Dechode Mode.  Throughout the project, Sarkastik pours his essence onto every track, creating music that will serve as the soundtrack to life in all her mystery, tragedy, wonder and beauty.


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